Trending Dubai is all about the city of lights! It is all about the yay, the wow, the oh la la, and the Booyah! 
Born out of my curiosity to explore the city, Trending Dubai is my take on how I see Dubai with all it has to offer. Having lived in the city for more than a decade, Dubai/ UAE has become a home for me and my family, and I felt an urge to pen my thoughts on the real spirit of the city which is oft lost in all the glam and hype. 
Celebrating all things Dubai, Trending Dubai aims to bring the real spirit of things with veritable opinion pieces and truthful presentation of the things we love to do and want to know more about. Check out the reviews, interviews and the epiphany of sorts, as we live Dubai with all it has to offer.
All the reviews are written by my self, with the exception of contributions. All the videos are made by Ahmed Sami Siddiqui my better half and a dab hand at the camera with an abstruse amount of patience (primarily to bear me) which quietly work wonders with images and video. Moreover, his grit impels me to focus on things that truly make me, relishing cultures, art, and people, living moments, connecting with ideas and deconstructing the meaning of life and everything within.
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